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Upper Airway Diagnostics

Portable video endoscopy, high speed treadmill examination located at Caulfield, dynamic respiratory examination (DRS) performed whilst the horse is working.

Digital Radiography and Ultrasound

State of the art equipment including digital x-ray and high resolution ultrasound for both bone and soft tissue injuries.

Ambulatory Visits

Routine health checks, vaccinations, Australian Stud Book identification, micro-chipping, electrocardiograph (ECG), shockwave therapy, lameness examinations, yearling sale x-rays (with endoscopy examination provided on request). MEVG visit Tasmania once a month (Hobart and Deloraine).

Pre-Purchase and Insurance Exams

Pre-purchase examinations for all intended purposes, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau Jockey Club, insurance examinations (including mortality and loss of use), Melbourne Equine has vets attending all the major yearling sales in both Australia & New Zealand for x-ray viewing & inspections.


Including routine and pre-race blood testing, endocrine testing (Cushings disease), hormone testing, faecal egg counts, swab samples (bacterial culture, antibiotic sensitivity), tracheal wash, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).


Dr Erin McDougall

In-House IRAP and PRP

Stud Work

Melbourne Equine has experienced veterinarians in the reproductive field to provide pregnancy diagnosis & breeding soundness examinations.


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